An Overview Of Fashion Illustration

Fashion illustration is one of the attractive branches of art that is important in both artistic and practical aspects and is free from the world of pure art and industry. Creative ideas of designers start with a picture on paper and move on with fashion illustration and find their way into the real world. Fashion illustration is the art of showing fashion ideas visually. Fashion illustration is of special and unique importance in attracting customers. Fashion illustration represents the visual aspect of fashion history and its presenter and communicator, in fact it is a work of art that plays a vital role in the fashion industry and even the advancement of photography in today’s world and live models still could not diminish the importance of fashion illustration.

Image has been the most important means of human expression for thousands of years. Attempts to explain the words, meanings and concepts in the form of images became the main factor in the invention of Elamite, Sumerian and hieroglyphic calligraphy in ancient Egypt. Undoubtedly, the line is the most important application of illustration in the field of messaging and human communication. Of course, the ancestors of modern calligraphy are the first images, and today’s printed books in which concepts are expressed in calligraphy are evolutions of images on surfaces that were accessible to humans. Therefore, if, in a sense, the first periods of culture and civilization in comparison with the present era, in terms of the limits of consciousness and cognition, as human childhood, we can say that man, his childhood with the help Picture books have gone through the same period, grown and reached the present age. Fashion illustration is a subset of fashion design and fashion industry and in advertising and commercial announcements of TV, cinema,magazines, packaging of goods, shop windows, shops and various sports, artistic and cultural places and advertisements. Billboards play a major role in large dimensions and murals.

Fashion illustration is done in two ways, manual and computer, or a combination of the two, by fashion designers or fashion illustrators, in the form of clothing and fashion designers (in all areas of the fashion industry, including: Clothing, jewelry, accessories and cosmetics) illustrates what is on his/her mind or, at the request of the costume designer,the illustrator depicts what the costume designer’s idea is. Fashion illustration for advertisements and magazines also has many applications and fans, and is usually associated with the production of fashion in magazines,to promote and advertise fashion designers, shops and boutiques, and fashion illustrators are active in this field.

In recent years, illustration has made great strides and has found its way into many arts and is part of the work and covers a variety of topics from template to advertising and beyond. What the world is heading for today is that brands, designers and fashion media often seek to showcase designs, trends or other items, and in the process need an experienced illustrator. To create beautiful and attractive images of concepts and ideas. Fashion illustration and the fashion world are very closely related and work together to create new fashions, focus on different trends, and more. Today’s world always needs fashion illustrators to bring a spirit of design to the content. The important point is the difference between fashion design and fashion illustration, so that fashion design is the art of using design and fashion design has been influenced by the social attitudes of different cultures and societies, but fashion illustration almost includes illustrations based on fashion. And focus on accessories and related media. Manufacturers need fashion illustrators for things like packaging, advertising, decorating, etc. to give their products more beauty and freshness, and anything that needs illustration has the potential for a fashion illustrator to work on. The title is the main reference for depicting the various concepts of the world of fashion design. Projects and clients may be different, but it seems that there is always a need for fashion illustration for a variety of reasons, and fashion illustrators are actively present to play their part well.

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