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How to Pick Your Next Pair of Italian Leather Shoes

In the present era, fashion isn’t limited to women. Today, men are expanding their wardrobes too and, in fact, are contending with women when it comes to choices in styles and varieties.

Speaking of men’s fashion, did you know that a key aspect of an urban man’s ensemble is his footwear? It’s true! In addition to donning the perfect outfit, completing the look with the right pair of shoes is imperative for fashion-conscious men. Trendy and classy footwear is setting up the style statement for urban men today. And to match the increased demand for high-quality shoes, a number of exclusive men’s footwear brands have emerged. The internet too is filled with shoe-styling guides and tips.

Now when we talk about high-quality men’s shoes, leather tops the list in terms of material. Leather is fascinating for multiple reasons, be it its aroma, its natural shine, its durability, or its flexibility. Every man loves to own a pair of those classy leather shoes which not only look amazing but create a strong impression as well. And the best of the best among leather shoes are genuine Italian leather handmade shoes!

Handmade Leather Shoes are ruling the market today due to their unique craftsmanship, strength, and elegance. If you’ve always found these shoes attractive, we’re sure you’ll love this post since we’re going to discuss a few interesting details about them as well as share tips to choose the perfect pair.

First, let’s start with a spotlight on Leather

Leather is one of the oldest materials being traded in the world. It has been used for different purposes for ages, primarily for making shoes. But with time and evolving needs, the leather shoe industry has changed a lot and the demand for durable leather footwear has increased drastically.

Finding a genuine and classy pair of shoes is always a quest. A man needs to have a basic knowledge of leather grades and types to understand what quality of shoes will satisfy him the most.

So let’s understand the basic leather grades which will help you make the right shoe investment.

  • Full-grain leather

Full-grain leather is a strong material that provides shoes durability and toughness. This kind of leather is sourced from the outermost part of the hide beneath the animal hair. As the name suggests, it is grain leather and the term “full” suggests that the hide hasn’t been buffed or sanded for removing the marks or imperfections. While it imparts a high degree of authenticity to the footwear, its thickness and roughness also pose a challenge to craftsmen to process it delicately. The time and effort that goes into perfecting such a shoe are therefore what makes it expensive and desirable at the same time. Such a shoe will last you quite a long if you take good care of it.

  • Top-grain leather

This material is obtained by lightly sanding the hide to minimize imperfections and marks. Though it slightly compromises the material’s natural essence in the process, it ends up imparting a certain degree of flexibility and smoothness to it. The downside of the process, though, is that it makes shoes less durable and stretchable over time.

  • Corrected-grain leather

Also known as genuine leather, it is the one that is obtained after splitting the top layers. Just like top-grain, genuine leather is also sanded and painted to remove imperfections. This process not only takes away the natural finish, but also the breathability of the material. The market is flooded with the buzzword ‘genuine’ to promote it as a high-quality product. But you should beware while you go to find your pair of leather shoes. Only pay for what it’s worth!

  • Bonded leather

This is the leftover part of the hide. As the name suggests, the scrap pieces of hide are bonded together using adhesive spray and tons of supporting material. Undoubtedly this is the lowest quality leather and is also the cheapest one.

Now that you’re acquainted with the types of leather and the basic process of making them, allow us to let you in on why Italian Leather is considered the best quality leather.

Why Italian leather?

Here are just a few of the best aspects that make Italian leather so desirable:

  • The traditional practice of vegetable tanning provides it the quality and elegance that diligent buyers look for
  • Italian leather has its unique craftsmanship, beauty, and antiquity
  • It ensures the utmost durability and comfort
  • The variety and range are wide
  • Shoe craftsmanship is a tradition in Italy. Footwear here is stitched and crafted in the expert hands of artisans.
  • The design, quality, and comfort of Italian leather are one-of-a-kind.

And now comes the fun part – discovering how you can select the best Italian leather shoes for yourself. But before moving to the selection guide, let’s quickly cover the essential criteria you must consider when buying such shoes.

Things to remember when buying Italian Leather Shoes 

To start with, let us first tell you that leather shoe shopping is one of the simplest things. Once you know the basics, you can easily get a good pair of Men’s Leather Dress Shoes for yourself. Quality, cost, design, and durability are some of the major factors you must consider, in addition to a few other things.

Here’s everything you must keep in mind when selecting leather shoes:

  • Leather quality

Top-notch shoes use top-shelf leather. You can go for classic calf leather or pick an exotic variety like snake, ostrich, or lizard. Whatever your choice, the quality of the leather is the most important aspect. Shoes made out of full-grain calf leather will have that classic finish along with a signature smoothness and texture. Low-quality leather will feel dry and dull. Its tendency to stretch with time will make your shoes less durable.

  • Design

Leather shoes are offered in large varieties and designs that often define usability. Be it wingtip oxford shoes or monk strap, you must know that a leather shoe is an investment. So, carefully scrutinize the symmetry and shoe profile from every angle.  A perfect pair of shoes will have the perfect aesthetics from all angles.

  • Functionality

You must know the purpose of your purchase. For example, if you’re opting for the classic Oxford or Derby, you should know that these are perfect for formal settings. You can pull them off with suits, formal and black ties. Similarly suede perfectly pulls off the casual look. It can be paired with a top-down button shirt and jeans or chinos. So you must know how and where you want to wear your shoes before you get one for yourself.

  • Craftsmanship

Shoe construction is an important aspect that can’t be ignored when you buy leather shoes. Look out for the stitches, lineup, and finish of the pair you’ve selected. Good leather shoes will never smell like glue. Besides, the inside will be buttery soft to support your comfort.

  • Cost

If you’re looking for an exclusive pair of Italian leather shoes, you should be prepared to shed a few extra pennies. But that’s not to say that they’re extremely expensive. You can get a pair of well-designed handcrafted shoes well within your budget. All you need to do is explore the options well and find which high-quality pair is wallet-friendly for you.

  • Easy to clean

Remember we said that genuine Italian leather shoes are an investment? Well, just like your prized assets, if you keep them clean and well-maintained, they can last you for years. And contrary to the notion that they’re high maintenance, such shoes are actually pretty easy to clean. Just ensure to follow the instructions from the seller.

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