Swap out your suit for these new workwear pieces

As things slowly make their return back to normal, offices across the country are opening their doors to welcome back employees after 18 months of working from home.

And honestly, we welcome both the change of scenery and the change of wardrobe. While sweatpants and slippers remain an office no-go, the pandemic has changed traditional workwear attire. Whether you’re making your way back to a cubicle in corporate America or a freelancer-friendly co-working space, returning to the IRL office doesn’t have to mean stuffy suits and toe-pinching shoes.

Before you suit up for your Monday morning meeting, scroll below to see what’s trending in back-to-work attire this fall and winter.

Thanks to the pandemic and an overall culture shift, the work attire required in professional settings look a lot different than that of previous generations. Meaning, for many people heading back to the office, the traditional suit and tie need no longer apply.

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